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The Big Retreat Wales

Next Generation Rural Wales

A Wales in London  Week event

Friday 6th March at 12:30pm, Tom Simmons Tower Bridge, 2 Still Walk SE1 2RF.

Do you believe in a future that offers sustainable solutions to food production, wellbeing, climate-smart housing and education? Do you aspire to a way of living that connects you and your family more closely to nature and different ways of working? Do you believe that entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas must be part of a new model for growth?

If you said yes to any of the above, then a lively discussion over lunch on Friday 6th March may be right up your street.

Wales’s rural economy is under threat…

Uncertainty and misunderstanding about the future of farming – the foundation of our rural economy- puts at risk many of the structures that define and support the countryside and its communities. The gulf between farming and its end consumers, and between town and country seems to be widening; the lack of an informed policy environment only serves to antagonise and frustrate food producers.

But there is hope!

The countryside is loved by all. It has the power to inspire, regenerate and renew us – both physically and mentally. It also holds many lessons for how to live and learn better. Building on this simple premise, and with the passion and ingenuity of those who live there, a new economy is being built.

Innovations in climate-smart housing, precision farming, energy generation, wellbeing tourism, artisanal crafts and next-generation learning connected to nature are starting to reconnect and engage farming activities with their surrounding communities in real, creative and sustainable ways. These have real potential to re-invigorate growth in rural Wales and be a showcase for best practice for rural regeneration and enterprise far beyond its borders.

Join us for a lively panel discussion by progressive leaders, thinkers and doers from finance, academia and rural enterprise on the vital factors behind sustainable innovation and growth in rural Wales beyond the M4 corridor. Including a live case study from a coastal farming community in Pembrokeshire.

Speaker line up:
Nigel Hollett, Director, CLA Wales
Andrew Henley, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Economics, Cardiff University
Bethan Cousins, Director New Business, Development Bank Wales
Adrian Lort-Phillips, Director Lawrenny Enterprises & Co—Director Big Retreat Wales.

Where and When: Friday 6th March 12:30pm, Tom Simmons Tower Bridge, 2 Still Walk SE1 2RF.

Contact Liza at or 07734003477 to reserve a place.